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You can remove sediment, foul taste and smell, chemicals, heavy metals + parasites from your water by using a water filter. Improve the quality of your water by using a simple water filtration system. A water filter is an inexpensive way to reduce the level of contaminants that are found in our water. At Aqua Ion Water Purifiers we supply premium quality water filtration systems, ranging from Bench Top Units (perfect if you are renting or traveling), Under Sink Systems, to our "top of the range" Reverse Osmosis Systems. We also stock a wide range of replacement cartridges, spare parts and accessories.

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Eliminate expensive bottled water, or fizzy drinks with dangerous artificial additives, or mineral water (which adds to problems of kidney stones, etc) and install a quality water purifier and enjoy the many health benefits of drinking large quantities of sparkling clean, great tasting water.


  • We have over 12 years experience in the water purification and plumbing industry
  • At Aqua Ion Water purifiers we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service
  • We have thoroughly researched our product range and use only very high quality products. Some of our competitors are using cheaper Asian made systems but we have decided to stay away from these as they are prone to failure.
  • The systems that we have found to be the best and the systems which we currently have available are made in Australia and the USA. That is because we have found them to be of superior quality. As a result of this policy we have never had a system fail or burst.
  • With these high quality products and very competitive prices we believe we offer superior value for money than any of our competitors.

All our work is carried out by a licenced plumber and we have a high level of after sales service and support.

  • We offer free advice so if you have any questions at all please contact us
  • We also perform on-site service work where we will come out and provide advice, quotes and also servicing of systems. This servicing includes cleaning and sterilising of system and replacement of cartridges.
  • We service reverse osmosis systems.
  • We offer a cartridge reminder service with no pressure applied on customers.
We offer free delivery of replacement cartridges to many areas

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